Do It Yourself DIY Patio Furniture

Do it yourself patio furniture is your answer if you are a perfectionist who wants patio furniture, but can’t find anything that measures up to your qualifications, or you just love a challenge.

Excellent plans for patio furniture can be found at lumberyards, hardware stores and even in cyberspace. The possibilities of what you can build are endless. You can even take a design and customize it to have unique patio furniture that cannot be purchased anywhere.

Here are a couple of places where you can find DIY patio furniture plans.

Here's a place you might like to look that has some nice looking plans that seem easy to follow.

The plans on this site are full-scale with paper cut-outs where you simply draw around the plans onto the wood or, if you prefer, they can be immediately downloaded as PDF files. The DIY patio furniture plans here range from $5 - $15.

Here's another. Sage brush wood working supply is your complete stop for wood working plans, tools and hardware, plus free articles and product reviews. They want to help make all your projects successful.

When you purchase a do it yourself plan for patio furniture, you should always go through the checklist to see what tools and materials you need. Gather all the tools and wood in the same place. Purchase whatever you need, to avoid having to make several trips to the lumberyard for small items that you forgot. If you are not sure of what some of the materials are ask at the location where you are buying the materials and a qualified assistant will help you. You will need to buy the number of pieces of lumber you need to give you the least amount of wastage. However, if this is your first attempt at do it yourself patio furniture, you want to buy a bit extra to allow for spoilage.

The wood you choose for your project should be durable to withstand the elements of weather and be able to resist rot, decay and insects. Natural wood is the best product for do it yourself patio furniture especially redwood, cedar or cypress. These woods contain natural oils that help preserve the wood for many years.

Pressure treated wood is another choice for do it yourself patio furniture, but is not recommended for areas where there may be small children. The pressure treated wood contains chemicals that may be poisonous. Although this wood is less expensive, safety should not be sacrificed.

Safety is an issue that should be uppermost in your mind when building the patio furniture. Always wear goggles and treat power tools carefully. Always keep a First Aid kit handy in case you make a cut that shouldn’t be made.

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